HD Keychain Camera

HD keychain camera captures high quality audio, video & pictures at one click of a button. It serves to be a very useful device and stores images and videos for you to view in JPEG and AVI formats. HD keychain camera records hi resolution videos with clear voice. HD keychain camerais a smart device, easy to carry and operate.

Key Features :

16GB External USB Memory| Resolution 640x480 | Micro Cam Recorder | Rechargeable Battery

HD keychain camera can be a great asset to do sting operations because nobody can even imagine that there is a hidden camera in a keychain. So, you can easily walk in and place your keychain on the table and record videos without raising any eyebrows. HD keychain camera is inexpensive and very effective for sting operation. Get this amazing HD keychain camera from Spycamerabazar with life time service warranty.

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