HD Pen Camera

HD pen camera is used to secretly record the activities without the knowledge of the person who is being recorded. HD pen cameras come highly useful in keeping an eye on all the activities going on in your property in your absence. These HD pen cameras are light in weight and portable. They do not require any external software or hardware. Interestingly the product can also be used as a perfectly normal functioning pen of high quality.

Key Features :

Pinhole Camera | Built-in rechargeable | Real Time Audio & Video Recording | Easy to operate

HD pen camera is a camera hidden inside normal a pen. These are often used as pen drives and have a provision for external memory SD card. HD pen camera has a micro cam recorder which is well equipped to record high resolution real time 30 fps video via its internal pinhole camera. These days HD Pen cameras are widely used in sting operations to catch the corrupt officials red handed while they ask for undue favors. Get this amazing HD pen camera online at Spycamerabazar with life time service warranty.

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