Keychain Spy Cam

Shop for Keychain Spy Cam online at Spycamerabazar that offers you spy keychain cam with 16GB expandable memory and 3.2MP camera.This Keychain Spy Cam captures images with resolution of 640X480 and records clear voice videos. It serves to be a very useful device and stores images and videos for you to view in JPEG and AVI formats.

Key Features :

16GB External USB Memory | Resolution 640X480 | Micro Cam Recorder | Rechargeable Battery

Keychain spy cam in India are mostly used by journalists to carry out sting operations in the country by interviewing politicians, top administrative officials, top CEOs, police officials, army officials etc and it also helps in tracking out hospital frauds, college admission frauds and many more. Many detective agencies use these keychain spy cams for solving many cases which help their agency to grow their reputation in this field and the police department often seeks help from these detective agencies to solve some cases on their behalf as they are much better equipped with cameras and other technologies which helps them to crack the cases.

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